Episode 23: 23s abound, technology doesn’t

Welcome to our 23rd episode! Louise & Neil get a bit giddy because 23s are flying at them from all sides.

Unlike, it must be said, the internet. Which is not playing ball.

However, the chatters persevered until the great 404 finally descended, thrusting them back into a near pre-internet age.

The good news though is that, through the magic of editing, this somewhat truncated episode has managed to escape the technogremlins, at least in part.

Strap in, dear listeners, for a giddy journey through bird-shapes (and noises); the excitement of daylight/changing seasons, and a spoiler free exploration of A Tale For The Time Being by Ruth Ozeki (which we’ve both read).

The Salon is open – and you’re invited! Follow this link to listen in on Anchor.FM!