Episode 24: Being messily human all over the place

Welcome to the 24th episode of the Hello You Podcast! We can’t quite believe that we’ve amassed two years’ worth of chats – and, we don’t know about you regular listeners, but we’re sensing a change in our chats and practice. We’d love to know what you think – comment away below!

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We talk about reading ‘work stuff’ outside of work, riff on the value of generalists and specialists, and appreciate the value of curiosity.

There’s talk of things being (pardon our expletives), quite a bit shit in quite a lot of ways, and Louise drops the notion of polycrisis. However, it’s not all swearing and doom – Louise had an amazing experience recently at Helena Clayton’s Love Lab workshop and can’t wait to talk about it!

Stand Up for Love is a phrase Louise slides into the conversation (no, it’s not Destiny’s Child) before following up with a Hello You Podcast exclusive – she is developing a workshop on listening with love. Look out for a post here for a HYP exclusive to sign up!

We wonder about whether it’s possible to love an internet troll, the wisdom of firing crap from the moon (Neil’s phrase) to make a protective sunscreen around the earth and whether critical ignoring is the right way to go about keeping ourselves free from unwanted and unpalatable intrusions.

Since poetry is awesome, Louise finds a thread into Arji Manuelpillai, specifically a podcast about his ‘Improvised Explosive Device’ collection. It turns out that Arji’s work has been informed by an investigation into the views/practices of the English Defence League – not standard fare, perhaps, but important contribution to anti-polarisation and relationship formation. And then we slide into community, framed by a poem recently shared with Louise – ‘How do you create community’ by Tad Hargrave in fact.

This has been The Salon is open for another joyful, lovely, escapade around the messy business of being a human – and you’re invited to join us! Follow this link to listen in on Anchor.FM!

Things we mention in passing:
Philip Mackenzie’s amazing Deep Dive Podcast
Mark Ritson’s marketing writing
Zen Studies Podcast on “Acceptance” and “Non attachment”
‘Intro’ by John Grant
Peeps Magazine
Behavioral Scientist
Grayson Perry: Divided Britain
They by Kay Dick