Christmas 2021: Eavesdropping into the lacunae

Hello, You!

Louise is in deeley boppers, Shiro Cat is thoroughly spoilt and it’s episode 12 of Hello You Podcast! It’s both Christmas themed and rich in links this month.

We give a shout out to lovely listener Rachel Rumble, explore bravery in charity communications and muse over Joseph Conrad’s ability to include the reader deeply in his writing. We also narrowly avoid panic-buying cinnamon in a bid to increase our creativity, even though cinnamon is a quintessential Christmas spice.

Welcome – the Salon is open and there’s a chair waiting for you … Follow this link to listen in!

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Shiro Cat has many, many beds 00:00

Here she is on Twitter. Isn’t she cute?
We talk about the wearing nature of this end of the year, and promise to share some good mental health support links in the shownotes
NOTE – these are all UK based
NHS Mental Health Charity Directory
NHS Urgent mental health support
Where do we get inspiration from? Louise shares an amazing piece of analysis of Joseph Conrad’s work.

Also, if anyone can explain Rothko, Neil would love to know!


The migratory fictions of Joseph Conrad

Will McInnes’ LinkedIn post looking for inspirational sources
A poetry recollection: Identity by Elizabeth Jennings16:37Read the text of the poem here
Louise’s love for the RNLI and it’s bold response to criticism from tabloids and Nigel Farrage.

As an aside, Wikipedia tells us that “The RNLI’s lifeboat crews and lifeguards have saved more than 140,000 lives since 1824”
22:08Tweet from @travellingcoral

RNLI on going bold with their comms

We mentioned the fabulous Julie Rainey, here she is on LinkedIn
Also a shout out for Hampshire and Isle of Wight air ambulance for being brave enough to talk back27:27Tweet: “Can you explain why you decided to fly at 1750ft from St Mary’s to Southampton General hospital at 4am over residental properties… “
Ratty and Mole talk marketing strategy (or something …)31:40Tweet from @rattyandmolebot
We talk about an article on the role of cinnamon in creativity and Neil gets excited about biohacking35:40Science says smelling cinnamon can make you much more creative and innovative (but not for the reason you might think)
– article from Inc.
Musings on the distinction between perfection and excellence38:38Striving for perfection, rather than excellence, can kill creativity
– article from the BPS
Perfection is for the gods … roman mosaics and making mistakes on purpose.

Which reminds Neil of watching a film based on a book by the Marquis de Sade
46:35Details of how to visit the places Neil mentions if you feel so inclined:
Fishbourne Roman Palace
Bignor Roman Villa

Salo – entry on the film in Wikipedia
Neil & Louise ruminate on TV advertising – is a nation’s advertising a view into it’s collective blind spots? Or is it simply that we’re outside the target demographic?
51:40The perfect antidote to TV advertising: Copyranter 2.0 on substack

Neil’s LinkedIn post about the Guinness advert
A final festive themed story of a package finding it’s intended recipients in Canada with the help of Twitter1:01:01Twitter I need your help!
It’s the Holidays & a package meant for “Yasmin & Perry” has been misaddressed & delivered to me …


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