November 2021: The curious case of the inaccessible colloquia

Hello, You!

It’s our 10th episode! Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

Neil & Louise reflect on what they’ve learned over the last 9 episodes about being in flow while we chat, including the episode with the unintended bread theme.

We talk about staying in the moment and segue into a newly published book on consciousness that Louise is desperate to read.

From there, it’s a small hop to talking about anti-social grannies dancing in public spaces in China. Despite the fact that not everyone’s enjoying it, it’s a joyful view on community bonding in another culture.

Welcome in, the Salon is open and there’s a chair waiting for you …

TopicTime code (approx)Link
Louise & Neil agree they’ve both learned about staying in flow with the podcast chat

Pure first-hand observation! You heard it here first 😉
How do you hold the moment when performing or writing?
5:35No link, but we LOVE the idea of performing, moment by moment “as if no other moment matters”
Louise’s book wish-list
‘Being you’ by Anil Seth

(via a tangent about reading a biography of Jacques Derrida – Louise thinks this may be the most accessible biography of the notoriously incomprehensible philosopher)


Anil Seth’s website for Being You

A review of An Event, Perhaps by Peter Salmon
Neil & Louise marvel at this story about anti-social dancing grannies in China13:50Guardian article

How language works to exclude some – the case of the colloquia21:05Neil & Louise’s twitter conversation on this
While we’re talking about codes in language, Neil mentions Polari31:20Thinking Allowed: Hidden gay lives
“Oh we don’t need to do that, our members are degree educated!” – we talk about how much it matters to be clear in public messaging for ANY audience33:32Neil’s top tip – use the
Hemingway App
Book recommendation from Neil: The Book of Strange New Things by Michel FaberReview in the Guardian


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