August 2021: Swimming through cloves

Well, Hello You!

We’re delighted to bring you the first ever Hello You Podcast listener drink along challenge! In case you missed the recipe, why not make a glass of Japanese Punch and join in with the drink along fun?!

In other topics of conversation, Neil & Louise both feel into where we are with the COVID-19 unlocking, explore the merits (and demerits) of caffeine and ponder on spotlight v lantern creativity.

It’s all happening in the Salon – listen in here!

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In our first ever listener drink along, we head back to 1975 for a glass of Japanese Punch. It’s an experience which threads throughout the conversation… 00:00
COVID-19 looms large for both of us. Very large in fact.
We talk about owning anger, checking our biases & privilege, what ‘freedom’ means and writing to politicians. Plus an Anastasia quote – because Anastasia.

Sick & Tired (Anastasia)

John Drury on Twitter
Invisible addiction – we dive into a fabulous article Louise found about caffeine. There’s a dose of social history, some fascinating thoughts about creativity and we chat about sleep too.

Is it time to give up caffeine?

Information from the NHS about lack of sleep


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Award-winning marketer trying to answer some of the big questions in social marketing, behaviour change, branding, what it means to be a Millennial and what's being served for lunch.

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