June 2021: A Handful of HYP (it’s Ep 5!)

We’re recording this episode one year and one day after the murder of George Floyd. Although we don’t dwell deeply on the subject, we both wanted to feel into thoughts/reactions which have surfaced over the past year. And we’re both incredibly grateful for Philip McKenzie’s thought-leadership through his recent post ‘This is A Crossroads’ on Media Village.

We’re also incredibly grateful to all of the listeners who contributed to our HYP Ep4 Feel Good Music Playlist challenge (check out the FABULOUS results here), segue from Louise’s most recent poem publication into the whys & wherefores of tweeting all in CAPS and think about emjois as a language.

We invite you into our biome – the salon is open! Listen here.

Here are links to some of the things we mentioned during this episode:

TopicTime code (approx)Link
Hello You! We’re a bit unskittled because we’re recording on a Wednesday, not a Thursday.  00:00
We record a year and a day since the murder of George Floyd. We discuss the passing of time, consider whether enough has been/is being done, and celebrate a recent post from Philip McKenzie which brings clarity & challenge to where the world is now.
Within the discussion, we do explore self reflections and what being our best selves might be.
1:15This is A Crossroads
Our 3 Song Musical Prescription Challenge turned into somewhat of a success!

Neil also recommends the Behavioural Grooves podcast because their recent episode on why music makes you feel good is awesome.
18:00The HYP Feel Good Music Prescription

Why Music Makes You Feel Better
Louise has had a poem published since we last podded (it’s awesome – check the link opposite!).27:00Incomplete Chorus, p15 of Porphura
(Tell Louise how much you loved it here!)
ALL CAPS TWEETING AND EMAILS. Saved for special occasions, it’s one of those things Geriatric Millennials have to think about.29:50

Talking or writing in emojis. It’s a bit baffling. Louise introduces Neil to Museum Bums. It’s about as naughty as it sounds.
Louise also throws Rebus into the mix (not the Scottish detective)
 33:40Museum Bums on Twitter.
We tease a future episode with things smothered in aspic. Until then, amuse yourselves with 70s Dinner Party on Twitter.36:5070s Dinner Party on Twitter


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Award-winning marketer trying to answer some of the big questions in social marketing, behaviour change, branding, what it means to be a Millennial and what's being served for lunch.

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