May 2021: Taller than a rabbit

Hello You! A lot seems to happen in between every HYP episode – that’s becoming a bit of a theme…

This time around, Neil’s in between contracts. Louise does some gentle probing about the importance and place of ritual when leaving a job in a pandemic, and we get into kindness as something to practice towards ourselves more often.

On the way there, Louise reveals that she’s taller than a rabbit while subverting the way of looking at the mulch on the forest floor (it makes sense, promise) as we talk about social biomes thanks to a link shared by lovely listener Jane.

From being brainful to challenging the language we use (and why we don’t use ‘Tribe’ any more), this is another fabulous conversation that meanders, wanders and opens all sorts of new ideas.

We invite you into our biome – the salon is open! Listen here.

LISTENER PARTICIPATION OPPORTUNITY! We challenged ourselves to create a Feel Good Music Prescription. Three songs each to uplift, inspire and blow the blues away. We talk about the outcome as our final segment – but what songs would YOU choose? Let us know and we’ll add them, creating HYP’s first ever crowd sourced feel good project!

Here are links to some of the things we mentioned during this episode:

TopicTime code (approx)Link
Shout out to the Chat 10 Looks 3 Podcast. They may be described as ‘totes hilars’, for which Neil is sorry (retrospectively)
There’s a love-in for Philip Mackenzie’s Deep Dive Podcast. If you haven’t discovered it yet, you should. 4:00The Deep Dive Pod
Panksepp’s Wheel of Emotions – play is an emotion (who knew? We do now)5:30Mindsprings Podcast
What’s the social biome? And what have we lost during the Covid pandemic? Also, Louise reveals that she is taller than a rabbit (now you know).10:20The Social Biome (The Guardian)
Neil’s in-between contracts. We talk about the rituals of leaving work, and how the pandemic has thrown so many things into a loop.
NOTE – we do discuss (in general terms) the work undertaken in London to care for the deceased during the pandemic.
We set ourselves a challenge to create a three song feel good music prescription (inspired by All in the Mind). This is the result – it’s awesome!

What songs would you add? Tell us and we’ll add them to the playlist!
 51:40The HYP Feel Good Music Prescription


Author: Neil Hopkins

Award-winning marketer trying to answer some of the big questions in social marketing, behaviour change, branding, what it means to be a Millennial and what's being served for lunch.

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