April 2021: Exactly where you need to be

It being 30 seconds-slash-a month ago that we last recorded, here we are again. So hello you!

Louise did her homework, so we plunge into aliefs as a type of embodied experience that can contradict with consciously held beliefs and Neil finds a link to Somatic Marker Hypothesis.

Writing worms its way into the conversation: Louise talks about rejections and giving herself permission to explore the creative process of writing. Neil drops an absolute gem

“You are exactly where you need to be in your life’s journey.”

and gracefully shifts the salon into a more contemplative register.

SHINY THING ALERT! Towards the end of the cast Louise is excited to talk about and share her latest poetry collaboration ‘Pomegranates in Luton’ – link to the video below.

We invite you into our salon: Listen here.

Here are links to some of the things we mentioned during this episode:

TopicTime code (approx)Link
Reflections on the timing of conversations. When & how to have good conversations?
01:05Neil found this wonderful piece, which echoes the salon vibe so we had to share …
How to have constructive conversations | Julia Dhar
What is an alief? Louise explores a way in which we can hold beliefs and act contrary to them. Based on the linked paper.6:40Alief and Belief, Oct 2007, Tamar Szabó Gendler
Somatic marker hypothesis – Neil highlights the role of emotions in learning

17:50and Louise found this article written by Antonio Damasio, whose other work she loves …
Sea Sharp – Louise highly recommends their poetry, both on the page and in performance.29:00Poem – The Tallgrass Shuffles

Collection – The Swagger of Dorothy Gale and Other Filthy Ways to Strut
The Last Poets
‘the forefathers of Hip Hop’
29:25Video – Take Your Time

About The Last Poets

Louise’s new collab – poetry, voice & dance (video)

What does it evoke for you?

Pomegranates in Luton


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